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Illinois Residents’ Trust in State Government Whithers, New Poll Says

Posted by Frank Anselmo on June 24, 2008

(Chicago, IL) — The 2008 Midwest Political Reform Survey reveals that Illinois residents’ distrust in state government has risen since 2006.

At the same time, many continue to hold an abiding faith in the ability to change state government to be less influenced by moneyed interests and more responsive and accountable to constituents.

A large majority (80%) expresses personal interest in an organization that works toward making state government work better by being more honest and accountable and over half of Illinois residents (57%) are extremely interested.

The 2008 Belden Russonello & Stewart telephone survey for the Midwest Democracy Network randomly sampled adults in five Midwestern states (Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin) on attitudes toward government and political reform.

The survey was funded by the Joyce Foundation.


1. Distrust in the Illinois state government has risen sharply over the last two years. A large majority (77%) says they only trust the state government “some of the time” or “almost never.” Concerns about corruption in state government and the influence of money in state politics are second only to gas prices as concerns in the minds of Illinois residents.

2. Although they have little faith in state government, Illinoisans still believe reform efforts are worthwhile. Majorities believe it is “worth getting money out of politics” and reject the idea that corruption will always be present in state government.

3. Strong support exists for a range of reform efforts. Over three-quarters of Illinoisans believe each of the reforms tested in the survey will make a difference in helping state government work better.

4. Personal interest in government reform issues is high among residents of Illinois. Illinois residents are the most likely of all the Midwestern residents surveyed to be “extremely interested” in an organization working to create “a more honest, accountable, and responsive government” (80%). Over six in ten (62%) are more interested in a political candidate who believes it may not be possible to improve education, create jobs, and cut taxes without first reducing the role of money in politics and the influence of lobbyists, than in a candidate who focuses solely on the issues (34%).

5. As we found in 2006, the top goals that Illinoisans would like to see the state government achieve are honesty and accountability to voters.

In Illinois 402 interviews were conducted by telephone April 21 through May 4, 2008. The margin of sampling error for the Illinois survey is plus or minus 4.9 percentage points.

What’s your opinion?

How much do you trust Illinois state government to work honestly?
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Thresholds Receives Grants Totaling $114,000 to Help Improve Care

Posted by Frank Anselmo on June 10, 2008

(Chicago, IL) — The Thresholds mental health agency announced on June 9 that it has recently received grants totaling $114,000 to help improve services for people with mental illness:

  • $64,000 from the Retirement Research Foundation for an 18-month study of medical care for older adults with serious mental illness. The lifespans of people with serious mental illness are 25 years shorter than average, research shows. This study will examine combined physical and mental health care and compare results of the integrated approach with those of traditional medical care. Findings will help guide the mental health field in best practices for treatment of medical problems.
  • $50,000 from the Michael Reese Health Trust to support a full-time staff member who will provide on-site consultation and training in services for people who have serious mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse conditions. The Health Trust’s support will allow Thresholds to train more staff in Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment, an innovative, stage-based program proven effective by scientific evidence.
With 30 service locations and more than 75 housing developments in the Chicagoland area, Thresholds serves about 6,000 people with mental illness each year. 

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